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Raising capital can be complex, and when dealing with real estate syndications, compliance is key.

Our team of experts bring decades of experience to support real estate entrepreneurs in scaling their operations by raising capital through real estate syndications.

We cover every step by:

  • Assessing and optimizing your business model
  • Protecting your assets to prevent overexposure
  • Enhancing your compliance efforts to prevent legal woes
  • Providing ongoing consulting and guidance to hit your syndication goals

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Our mission is to help real estate entrepreneurs scale their business by raising capital through real estate syndications.
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Mauricio Rauld

Mauricio Rauld is the host of Real Estate Syndicator Live and the founder of Premier Law Group. His team of real estate syndication attorneys is here to help you stay out of jail while building your empire.

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Bethany LaFlam

Bethany LaFlam is an entrepreneur, a seasoned deal lawyer, a mother, and a visionary. Her current role as Managing Partner of Premier Law Group focuses primarily on real estate syndications and funds.

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